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  Phra Khattiya Wongsa (Thon) Monument
Catagorize: Landmarks and Memorials
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The monument is situated on the Sai Nam Phueng 5-way traffic circle near the Roi Et College of Dramatic Arts.

Phra Khattiya Wongsa (Thon), the first ruler of Roi Et in B.E. 2318 during the reign of the King Taksin, is the son of Thao Chao Kaew, the ruler of Thong town. He led and gathered the people who moved from Thong to settle in Roi Et and the town was as developed and civilized as other nearby towns under his reign.

Therefore, Roi Et municipality built the monument in order to commemorate him as the first ruler.

The monument is built in accordance with the drawing designed by the Department of Fine Arts. It is half the size of the real Phra Khattiya Wongsa and made of bronze in the standing position. The construction was finished on September 3, 2542.  



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