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  Shrine of City Pillar, Srakaew
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Srakaew is the 74th province of Thailand on 1st December 1993. The city shrine was built in order as the center of the people in Srakaew province. It is located in Suan Kanchanapiset, Tambol Ta Kasem, Amphur Muang Srakaew. The King anointed this pillar on 12th September 1996.

The Shrine of City Pillar was built according to the standard of the Fine Arts Department. It was built with 5 pagodas with a pavement that connects within each other. The biggest pagoda is 6.60 meters wide and 19.10 meters high and the other four were built in the 4 directions of the main one. The city pillar of Srakaew is inside the main pagoda. The pillar was built from pink and white shower tree according to the ancient culture. The perimeter of the pink and white shower tree is 120 inches and 229 inches high. Then on 25th September 1996, the ceremony was performed in order to invite the city pillar to the shrine.

The tourists usually come here to worship the shrine for auspiciousness. The tourists can travel here by taking the highway 33 from the city to Amphur Wattananakorn for around 4 kilometers. Then, it is noticeable that on the right side is the Kanchanapisek Park, Tambol Taa Kasem, which is where the City Pillar is located.

The legend said that this City Pillar occurred by the unity of the villagers in order to show loyalty to the King and also as the center of the Srakaew people.

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