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Cave is a beautiful sight created by nature that hides its amazing beauty inside. As a tourist attraction, each cave has its own unique style of beauty, waiting to be discovered by tourists to experience its charm inside.   

Tham Khao Siwa (Tham Nam) is another interesting cave of eastern Thailand. It is located at Ban Khao Chan Daeng, between the Ta Ngok and Kok Mamuang mountain ranges, 16 kilometers away from Khlong Hat District Office. It is a cave with a running stream throughout the year. The cave is 500 meters deep, while the level of water inside is 10 – 220 centimeters deep. Inside the cave are beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. Some of them are spreading, similar to a curtain. Moreover, there is a small waterfall inside the cave. Its sandstone ceiling and walls glitter magnificently in reflected light. Inside the cave has good airflow. It is suitable for adventure lovers who can swim. Equipment that should be prepared are non-absorbent outfit, a waterproof torch, a lamp, a lighter, a rubber raft, and a life buoy or life jacket. Contact in advance for a guide at Khlong Kai Thuean Sub-district Administrative Organization. 

To get there, from Sa Kaeo town, take highway No. 317 and turn left at an intersection to enter 3067 route. Then, turn right to enter highway No. 3395 and proceed for 15 kilometers. At an intersection, turn left and continue for 3 kilometers until you see the cave’s entrance. Alternatively, from Wang Nam Yen District, proceed for 47 kilometers and then turn left to enter Khlong Hat District. Proceed for 13 kilometers, passing Khlong Hat District Office, to Khao Chan Daeng. Proceed for another 16.7 kilometers and turn left to enter Ta Ngok Mountain. Continue for 18 kilometers, you will reach the cave’s entrance.


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