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  Khao Loan Castle
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Khao Loan castle, the heritage of civilization “Ang Phanom”, is located in Ban Charoensuk, Thapraj subdistrict. The castle is located on the peak of Loan hill in Khao Loan castle temple area, which is the low hill on Sakae Krong foothill. There are four pagodas but only the middle one remains. The two pagodas in front of the castle and the one behind the castle are all ruined. The castle looks similar to Khao Noi castle. The feature of the castle is like the castle of the city which is the mountain castle built by chiseling the natural stone on the hilltop to be used for building castle, just like Hin Bahkeng castle at Phra Nakorn city, Khao Noi castle, Aranyaprathet subdistrict and Tha Muean Thom castle in Surin province. The castle is made of burnt bricks with sandstone as the base. The architecture of the castle is Thevalai style or the three castles made of wooden brick and mortar. However, only one castle is left since the other two were destroyed by the outsiders. The castle was built on 100 meter high hilltop. The castle’s layout is in square with the reduced size of angles. According to the general feature of the pagoda castle, there is only one entrance on the East. The entrances at the north, the south and the west are locked. The castle was destroyed at the top. 

At the sandstone entrance, there is ancient alphabet record. At the northeastern of the castle, there are two big ponds and the ancient road from the castle to the pond. There was a trace of the village or the old community around the hill. Although the way up is located on the east like other castle, however the path is not smooth. It is shell-cracked with 20 degree slant, 150 meters long, 15 meters wide and there are abundant of plants growing on both sides.

To go to Khao Loan castle, take Highway Number 3068 (Ta Phraya – Burirum). Then turn left to Ban Charoensuk and drive until you reach the foothill where the castle is located. The distance from Ta Phraya district to Khao Loan castle is around 28 kilometers according to Highway Number 3486 the 15th-16th kilometers.  


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