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Catagorize: Educational gardens


Promoting industrial occupation in one’s family is one activity promoted by Phu Phan Royal Development Study Centre by Industrial Support Center Region 5, the representative of Department of Industrial Promotion. 

At first, the development was taken place in Ban Na Nok Kao, Huaiyang subdistrict, Muang district, Sakon Nakhon province since 1984 in order to take care of 22 villlages around Phu Phan Royal Development Study Center. Therefore, the villagers can use their free time from their main occupation to work on family’s industrial occupation to produce the necessities of living to be used by themselves and to be sold for extra income.

About the process, the center will study, survey and select the target villages to provide advices, occupation training, support about the production factor and support the market for industrial occupation group and people in the villages around Phu Phan Royal Development Study Centre.


Objectives of Phu Phan Royal Development Study Centre

1.To be the center of study, experiment of every form of development and pass on modern technology to the agriculturists

2.To promote the conservation and development of forests around Phu Phan Royal Development Study Center by using irrigation system

3.To promote economic plants and to process the agricultural products into processed agricultural products

4.To promote agricultural occupations such as agriculture, fishery and live stock



To be number one of natural museum in Asia’s sufficiency lifestyle



Mission 1: study and research to find the ways and methods of development which suit the society

Mission 2: bring the right knowledge and development method to the organization and community systematically for stable and sustainable lifestyle according to His Majesty the King

Mission 3: prioritize on integration work method

Mission 4: develop service system to be the knowledge source and tourism center for people who would like to thoroughly gain the benefit of the natural museum 




Website: http://www.wnydairy.co.th