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  Phra Archan Man Phurithatto Museum
Catagorize: Museums
Contact: Mueang District Tel. 0 4251 3490-1

The museum is located within the temple ground of Wat Pa Sutthawat or opposite the province’s governmental service center. The museum is a building made of terra cotta in a modern contemporary architectural style. It houses a bronze statue of Achan Man Purithatto meditating and his ashes which miraculously turned into clear white crystals. The exhibits also include his worldly possessions placed on a marble altar and his complete biography. 

Achan Man Purithatto is a highly venerable Buddhist monk. Born in Kaenkaeo family, in Khong Chiam district, Ubon Ratchathani province, he ordained as a novice at the age of 15. Later when he turned 22, he became a monk and resided at Wat Leap in Ubon Ratchathani province. He was very keen on pilgrimage and meditation practices, so the number of his disciples grew up, e.g. Luang Pu Fan Acharo, Luang Pu Khao Alanayo, and Luang Pu Waen Suchino. Eventually Achan Man resided at Wat Pa Sutthawat and passed away on 11 November 1949.

The temple offers peaceful and shady atmosphere, as it is filled with a large number of trees. The eminent and beautiful ordination hall was where Phra Archan Man Phurithatto used to stay in and passed away. His cremation also took place at this building. Enshrining the temple’s main Buddha image, the ordination hall serves as the venue where religious ceremonies are performed. 

Furthermore, Wat Pa Sutthawat is the location of Luang Pu Lui Chantasaro Museum.  It was built to house the ashes of Luang Pu Lui (1901-1989), a highly respectable Buddhist monk whose emphasis is Wipatsana. He is also one of Achan Man’s disciples and loved to make pilgrimages to several places until the last day of his life. His Majesty the King presided over his funeral and mentioned “a pagoda for storing his ashes should be built in Wat Pa Suthawat, where the other pagoda storing ashes of Achan Man is located, so that they can stay close together.” In this occasion, the King also kindly designed the pagoda by himself.

To get there, drive along Sukkasem Road until you reach the province’s governmental service center. Make a left turn and continue for approximately 250 meters.


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