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  Saphan Khom or Saphan Hin
Catagorize: Historical Sites & Monuments

Saphan Khom or Saphan Hin (Saphan means bridge) is located just before you enter the city. It is a small ancient rites neat Nittayo road, Highway Number 22, close to 161th kilometer of Sakon Nakhon – Udorn Thani.


Saphan Hin is an ancient rite which was registered by Fine Arts Department in 1935. At that time, the bridge was 4meters wide and 16 meters long. The reason why Fine Arts Department registered this bridge was because people called this bridge “Saphan Khom” (The bridge of Khom people).

 Later the 2nd mayor of Sakon Nakhon province considered that this stone bridge’s location obstructed the road and made the road bended in order to avoid the bridge. Therefore, the light-brown stone was used to cover the stone bridge which was the natural stone. However, they had not proceeded to make a road through yet, the mayor’s period was ended. 

The next mayor took out the light-brown stones and saw that the bridge was in bad state. So he asked for a fund from 

Fine Arts Department to construct a new one instead of the old one. The laterite stone was used then in order to build a bridge with three stairs.

General features

In fact, the original Saphan Hin does not have anything connected to Khom belief. It was built just to let the current from Nhong Sanom from Phu Phan run through to Nhong Harn pond. At that time, the bridge was used to enter and exit Sakon Nakhon city. The location of Sakon Nakhon city is lowland which is easily flooded. Building a bridge is, therefore, very important for people to use as transportation.

Around the bridge, there is a place for relaxation for Sakon Nakhon people which is called “Laan Ruan Nam Jai”. 

It is where you can see Saphan Hin, the city entrance where Phra Ajarn Man Phuritatto, Phra Ajarn Fhan Ajaro and 

Luang Poh Praong Saen statues are enshrined. It is also where Her Majesty the Queen pays respect to the statues every time she goes to Phu Phan Ratchaniwet palace.

Saphan Hin is located near Nittayo road which is Sakon Nakhon – Udorn Thani route, around the entrance of 

Sakon Nakorn city. When you are approaching Sakon Nakorn city, the bridge is on your right-handed side. 

However, if you are leaving Sakon Nakhon city, the bridge is on your left-handed side. 


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