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  Wat Tham Kham
Catagorize: Temple
Contact: Phuphan range, Rai subdistrict, Phanna Nikom district, Nhong Khai province Tel. 0 4251 3490-1

Wat Tham Kham or Phu Kham or what villagers call Phu Kam Kham is located at Ban Kam Pah, on Phu Kham which is a hill on Phuphan range. To go there, take Highway Number 22 (Sakon Nakhon–Udon Thani) for 22 kilometers. Then turn left, into the same route to Phra That Phu Pek and drive for another 10 kilometers. After that, go straight up to 

Phra That Phu Phen and turn right. Then drive for another 30 kilometers.

In the past, Wat Tham Kham was where Phra Ajarn Phan Ajaro stayed in during the Buddhist Lent in 1964. After he became sick, he moved to stay at Wat Pah Udom Somporn. Moreover, this is where Phra Ajarn Test Tesrangsri’s relic is kept. Many people visit this place for worshipping his relic.

Wat Tham Kham was built according to Phra Ajarn Phan Ajaro. It is located on Phuphan range, Rai subdistrict, Phanna Nikom district, Nhong Khai province, on Sakon Nakhon–Udon Thani(Nittayo Road), just a few miles before 

Phanna Nikom district. There are many entrances such as Phra That Phu Pek route or Ban Rai route. 

Luang Pu Test Tesrangsri (Phra Rajnirot Rangsri Kamphi Panya Visit) was born on 26th April 1902 

(the year of tiger). He was a son of Mr. Usah and Mrs. Krang in farmer family at Banna Side, Klang Yai subdistrict, Ban Phue district, Udorn Thani province.

When he was 18 years old, he had a chance to follow Phra Ajarn Singh Khantayakamo for pilgrimage and 

was ordained to be a novice at Wat Ban KengYai. Phra Ajarn Lui was his preceptor. Later, he studied doctrine at Suthatnaram, Ban Phue district, Udorn Thani province.

On 16th May 1923, He was ordained at Patsima Wat Suthatnaram. Phra Maharat was his preceptor and Phra Maha Pin Panya Palo was a monk who prayed for him in ordination ceremony. Later, he went on pilgrimage with Phra Ajarn Singh Khantayakamo and had a chance to pay respect to Luang Pu Mun Phuri Thato, Ban Koh, Ban Phue district, Udorn Thani province. He gained Great Spirit in practicing doctrine.

When Phra Ajarn Mun Phurithato stayed in the north, Phra Ajarn Test Tesrangsri went together with Phra Ajarn Ornsri to pay a respect to the master at Pah Miang, Doi Mae Pang, Chiang Mai province. He practiced doctrine in the north in Muser hilltribe minority area and spread the Buddhism to Lamphun province. Then he went to northeastern region and stayed at Wat Aranyawasi, Tha Boh, Nhong Khai province until the master passed away.

Later, in 1950, he stayed in Phuket province during the Buddhist Lent and spread Buddhism in the southern region. He stayed with his group in Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi provinces for over 15 years. Then he returned to Tham Kham, SakonNakhon province to stay during the Buddhist Lent. Later, he stayed at WatHin Mak Peng, Sri Chiang Mai district, Nhong Kai province, which is near Khong river. The atmosphere is very nice and best for practicing Dhamma. 

Luang Pu Test Tesrangsi was a humble monk who had admiring manner. He was a leader in teaching Dhamma and building religious places to maintain Buddhism in the northeastern region. He was known as the venerable master for everyone.

In his final period of life, he stayed at Wat Tham Kham and passed away in peace on 17th December 1994 

at 21.45 hours. Altogether he lived for 93 years, 71 seasons. His Majesty the King and the Queen granted the golden chest, made merits, and provided Thai monarch’s fire in Luang Pu Test Tesrangsri’s funeral, which was held at Wat Hin Mak Peng. It was one of the memorable events of the master’s funeral in Thai history. 


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