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  Phra That Dum
Catagorize: Historical Sites & Monuments
Contact: Ban That Dum, Ngio Don subdistrict, Mueang district, Sakon Nakhoon province Tel. 0 4251 3490-1

Phra That Dum is at Ban That Dum, Ngio Don subdistrict, Mueang district, Sakon Nakhoon province. It is only 5 kilometers from downtown and can be reach very easily via Ror Por Chor Road (built by the Office of Accelerated Rural Development). Head towards the direction to Pattana Suksa School for 5 kilometers. Then you will find Phra That Dum where pagodas containing the Buddha’s relics are situated.

In the past Phra That Dum comprised 3 Khmer pagodas, but only the middle one remains until present days. The trace that there were two other pagodas situated in the north and the south is their laterite bases. However, it could be the case of an incomplete construction. 

The pagoda in the middle reveals two different brickwork known as “Flemish Bond” where headers and stretchers are placed alternatively in a single course, and “English Bond” that consists of alternate course of headers and stretches. It can be said that Phra That Dum is a structure that nicely balance two ways of bricklaying. 

All the four corners of the square-shaped stupa has indented corners. The walls in the north, south and west are decorated with door facades and fake doors. Four lintels are found above each of the fake doors. One of the stone lintels depicts Lord Vishnu sleeping on a giant serpent, while the others present images of deities standing on Rahu, animals e.g. elephant and lion, leaves. These remaining lintels are historical evidence which indicates that Phra That Dum in Bapuan Khmer art must have been built in the 16th – 17th Buddhist Century.

After a renovation Phra That Dum is currently in a much better condition. The entrance was beautifully embellished. Cars are allowed to travel on the surrounding road and parking spaces are provided. If you happen to visit Sakon Nakhon, do not miss this important archeological site.

Opening hours: every day from 8.00 – 17.00

Admission fee: free of charge

Contact: tel. 0 4251 3490-1



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