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Catagorize: National Parks & Marine Reserves
Contact: Huay Yang subdistrict, Muang district, Sakon Nakhon provice Tel. 0 4270 3044 , 0 2562 0760

The park has 655 square kilometers or 415,838 Rais of land. It was announced as the national park on 29th October 1982. 

The national park office is located on Phu Phan mountain range. The geography is limestone mountain. It is the water source of many rivers and brooks. The forests in the park are deciduous dipterocarp forest, evergreen forest and mixed forest. 

In the park, there are langurs, Cynogale bennettis and lorises.

There are many interesting places inside the national park.


-Phra That Phu Pek is located on Phu Phan mountain range. It is an old Phra dated back since Khom kingdom was flourished. Phra That was made of sandstone on laterite base in Thevalai style.

-Saeri Thai Cave is 4.5 kilometers away from the national park office. The cave was the cave used during World War II. Saeri Thai group used this place to collect weapons and supplies since the location was covered by the forest. 

Around the area, there was a trace indicating the secret airport.


-Phu Phan mountain range is the most well-known history range. However just a few have a chance to visit the beauty of nature especially the connecting area between Sakon Nakhon and Kalasin provinces.

-Kam Hom Waterfall and Kong Pink Ngu are 14 kilometers away from the province. Kam Hom waterfall is located near Tad Ton waterfall and the royal area. Around this area are the locations of many waterfalls such as Hew Sin Chai waterfall, Sam Lhan waterfall, Sao Hai waterfall and Hin Sorn cliff situated amidst the forest. In front of Kam Hom waterfall on Sakon Nakhon – Kalasin route is a curved route which looks like a snake or grilled snake. 

There is the biggest milestone in Thailand decorated with flowers. The transportation into this area is very convenient and safe. Visitors can visit there throughout the year. The waterfalls are filled with water only during the rainy season.

-Nang Muen Cliff and Lan Sao Ae are 700 meters and 2 kilometers respectively away by foot from the national park office. 

On both sides are Plung forest until Nang Muen cliff. The cliff is a big stone ground facing the west. 

Visitor can cleary see the scenery downwards. Below there is Lan Sao Ae (Ae in northeastern language means dressing beautifully to show off). It is a natural stone ground amidst the forest and the slant cliff. During August – October, there are flowers such as Dusita, Kradum Ngern and Sroi Suwan. It is best to relax, take photos and enjoy the nature here.

-Savoey Cliss is located in Kalasin province. The cliff facing the south is where His Majesty the King stayed and 

had lunch. Therefore the cliff was named Savoey which means eating in Thai.

-Huay Yai waterfall is 12 kilometers from the national park office. The waterfall is the flatten river into different layers surrounded by the forest.

-Pricha Suksan waterfall is located in Phu Phan mountain range, Sakon Nakhon district which is 24 kilometers from 

the province and 50 kilometers away from the national park according to Sakon Nakhon – Udorn Thani route. 

The waterfall flows on the layered stone grounds and looks like sliders, which is 12 meters long, in some places. 

The waterfall is located amidst fertile forest. Visitor can play with the water safely. There is lots of water in the rainy season. It is very convenient to visit the waterfall therefore visitors can reach the waterfall throughout the year.

-The natural Saphan Hin (Thang Phi Phan) is the stone bridge connected between two stones. The bridge is 1.5 meters and 8 meters long. Under the bridge is a wide cave which can be used as a place to stay away from the rain and the heat. It is one of the natural miracles.

Moreover, the national park has created the 1 kilometer nature study route started from Nang Meung cliff, Lan Sao Ae, Kaeng Khi Ling, the deciduous dipterocarp forest, the dry evergreen forest and to the natural study center. 

Inside the forest, there are many places where you can study the nature and the forest including ferns, sandstones, mosses and Lycaine. Walking along the route takes you 1 hour.

The national park has provided accomodations for visitors. For more information, please contact Phu Phan national park, Huay Yang subdistrict, Muang district, Sakon Nakhon provice, 47000. Tel. 0-4270-3044 or 

Department of National Park, Wildlife, and Plant conservation Tel. 0-2562-0760 www.dnp.go.th

To go there, drive along Sakon Nakhon – Kalasin Highway Number 213, the at 10th-11th  kilometers. It is 25 kilometers away from the city. 


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