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Wat Asokaram, established on 8 May 1962, is a major monastic community and a popular place for meditation, located in Soi Bangphu 60, Tambon Tai Ban, Amphoe Mueang, 6 kilometers off the heart of the city.

Asokaram literally means a place without sadness. Once stepping on the temple area, you can sense the real ambiance of “a place of pleasure” and agreeable with various types of plants and trees, including mangrove forests as well as cork trees. However, the temple shows a significant difference between Aram and ordinary temples.

In the area of 53 rais, there are a number of spectacular attractions. First of all, a group of 13 white pagodas, symbolizing 13 disciples of pilgrimage, contain Buddha’s relics inside gold, silver and copper alloy cinerary urns. Next, Vihanr Visudhidhammaransri, a 3-storey building with four gables, is another place not to miss. The top is gilded with pure gold and contains Buddha’s relics. The monastery installs imitated images of Buddhachinaraj, Luang Phu Mun Puritatto and the undecomposed body of Luang Poh Lee Dhammataro, the first abbess of the temple. Another interesting place to visit is the main monastery which installs the brass image of Luang Poh Sri Samutr in posture of meditation. Moreover, a monument of Ashoka the Great is installed inside the temple so that the public can pay respect to and remember his royal grace in spreading Buddhism to Suvannabhumi.

How to go to the temple: If you are at the 3-way intersection of Samutprakarn, turn left to the former Thanon Sukhumvit (the same way to Bang Phu). Once you notice the kilometer marker 31, make a u-turn and turn left to Soi Bangphu Municipality 60. Driving along around 1 kilometer, you can see Wat Asokaram is on your left. If you use public transits, you can get on buses number 25, 102, 142, 145, 507, 508, 511 and 536. Once you reach Paknam Market, you can get on the minibus Paknam-Wat Tamru, Paknam-Bangphu Industrial Estate and Paknam-Klong Dan.

It is open every day from 08.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. with no admission fee. For more information, please call 0 2395 0003 or visit http://www.watasokaram.org/


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