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  San Chao Mae Buay Nea or San Chao Mae Tub Tim
Catagorize: Other religious & spiritural sites
Contact: Thawai Tha Chalom, 74000, Samut Sakhon, Thailand

San Chao Mae Buay Nea or San Chao Mae Tub Tim is situated in Tha Chalom Sub-District, Muang Samut Sakorn District. There is no evidence about the period of construction but there are many people who worship this shrine. 

There are many altars inside the shrine. The altar of Chao Mae Tub Tim is located in the middle. The altar of Chao Po Guan Yu is on the left hand and the altar of Chao Po Pun is on the right hand side.

It is said that when Chao Mae Tub Tim is still alive, she is Chinese. She had insight about the weather. She could predict the weather quite accurately and always used her insight to warn mariners. Also she helped mariners from many disasters. When she passed away, she continued helping mariners, fishermen, and marine traders. Therefore, she was called “the goddess of the sea”. After that, mariners in Chinese seashore who traded and worked as fishermen built the shrine and called the shine according to their dialect. When they were going to leave, they asked the goddess to protect them. This tradition is also held in Tha Chalom area. Hainanese people lived there and their occupation was building boats. They also built the shrine due to their belief of Chao Mae and prayed for safety trip. Fishermen in the province bring the flag to worship in their boat. The flag is in triangle shape. It is believed that when the flag waves, it will bring bad things away. The purpose of this worship is to bring luck and encouragement to mariners. 

One of the ceremonies held here is fire walk. It is not held every year but only the year that a fortune teller predicted that bad things will happen. Most people who worship this shrine are fishermen and Chinese-Thai people. For more information, please contact 034-498-182.


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