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Catagorize: Landmarks and Memorials
Contact: Baan Tha Chalorm market, Samut Sakhorn Tel. 0

On March 15th, 1905, King Rama 5 left Dusit Palace to officially open “Thawai Road” at Baan Tha Chalorm market, Samut Sakhorn. He gave also gave an opening speech and then took Thawai Road to his Pavilion.  He watched Chalorm boat race and the winner received the trophy from the king.

Thawai road is the result of sacrifices and harmony. Local people donated some of their own homeland to build the road and everyone including officer, merchants and people all help construct the road for the community. It’s a more convenient way to transport goods. Repaired with zigzag red brick pattern, the road was no sooner finished than King Rama 5’s visit to Samut Sakhorn. So the provincial governor of Samut Sakhorn at that time asked the king to kindly open the road and he named the road “Thawai”.  Property tax, ship tax and business tax in Tha Charm were abstained in order to spare money for Thawai road maintenance. Later, this project inspired Tha Charm Samut Sakhorn to be the first sanitary district of Thailand in 1905 under the order of the king. The district became a prototype of local government.  Despite the fact that Bangkok had become sanitary district since 1896, the money and workforces using to operate the local government were government’s unlike the harmonized management of Tha Charm community. Nowadays, Thawai road is still in use though changing bit by bit through time. It is an important historical evidence of Samut Sakhorn. Currently, Thawai road holds annual mackerel eating festival and Samut Sakhorn’s vegetarian festival which consists of many activities and retro shop. Tourists are welcomed.


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