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  Wat Bang Pla
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         Wat Bang Pla is situated in Moo 4, Ban Bang Pla village, Ban Koh subdistrict, Mueang district, Samut Sakhon province. It is an important temple of the Mon community in the province because all their festivals and religious ceremonies, such as Visakha Bucha Day and the last day of Buddhist Lent, are held there. On these religious occasions, Mon monks from other temples gathers together at Wat Bang Pla to perform the ceremonies. This long-held tradition continues until the present day.

Wat Bang Pla is an ancient temple built during the Early Rattanakosin period. The old ordination hall has arches of Sema stone to mark the monasterial boundary. The pediment is decorated with molded porcelains with the design of dragon grabbing a glass marble. Phra Bat Somdet Phra Chunla Chomklao Chaoyuhua (King Rama V) paid a visit to the temple on 31 July 1905, when Luang Phu Thao Kao Yot (or Luang Phu Noot) was the abbot, in order to cook and dine. Moreover, Prince Krommaluang Chumphon Khet Udomsak ordered the construction of a waterfront pavilion and a long covered walkway whose eaves boards were elaborately engraved. The 4 mortuary urns of former abbots have been kept together. The first urn stores ashes of Luang Phu Noot. The second urn stores ashes of Master Plien (a disciple of Luang Phu Noot) who later became the abbot of Wat Chai Mongkol. The third urn stores ashes of Luang Phu Khaek (also a disciple of Luang Phu Noot) who is the former abbot of Wat Bang Pla. The fourth urn stores ashes of Luang Phu Song (also a disciple of Luang Phu Noot) who succeeded the abbot position at Wat Bang Pla. Master Lom, the current abbot who is a disciple of Luang Phu Khaek, is having an assembly hall constructed in dedication to the 3 respectful abbots, namely Luang Phu Noot, Luang Phu Khaek, and Master Thee (a disciple of Luang Phu Khaek who succeeded the abbot position at Wat Bang Pla after Luang Phu Song).

To get to Wat Bang Pla from Mahachai, drive along Setthakit Road (Mahachai – Krathum Baen) for approximately 5 kilometers. Then turn left and continue for another 4 kilometers. This temple shares the entrance with Wat Pa Chai Rangsi.


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