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  Dao Khao Kaew Cave
Catagorize: Caves

        Dao Khao Kaew Cave is located in Tambon Paya Klang, Amphoe Muaklek, Saraburi, 30130. It is a gigantic cave, which is 500 meter deep, and 15 meters wide. Those who wish to visit the cave must climb the stairs around 100 meters from the foothill to the mouth of the cave. Inside Dao Khao Kaew Cave, when the light shines to the ceiling, it will glitter like the stars, and gleam in red, black, and brown colors. This is such a particularly splendid sight. Trekkers who enjoy visiting the caves shouldn’t miss Dao Khao Kaew Cave, since it is unlike any other caves. Inside also has stalagmite, and stalactite around the cave ceiling, and walls. Notably, when walking around inside the cave, please watch out for the floor, and mind your head as well. Moreover, if visiting the cave at dusk, you will have the opportunity to see a thousand of bats that go hunting together as a giant group. All of these can be called the true beauty of nature.

        Those who are interested to pay a visit can travel there by personal cars. Dao Khao Kaew Cave is 38 kilometers away from Amphoe Muaklek, or 75 kilometers away from Amphoe Muang. It is in the same direction as the route to Jed Sao Noi Waterfall. Drive pass Jed Sao Noi Waterfall around 30 kilometers. There are signboards all along the way. From Highway no.2224, turn left onto the unpaved road. It takes around 5 kilometers before reaching the destination.

         Remarkably, after visiting the cave, there are also interesting tourist attractions in the adjacent area, such as grape orchards which allow tourists to visit all year. As soon as they arrive, they can enjoy picking fresh grapes from the tree as they like, or try tasting the excellent grade-A processed grape products, e.g. grape wine (seedless), grape juice, preserved grape, grape jam, dried grape, and grape paste. Moreover, visitors can join doing the activities with the gardeners such as picking fresh grapes as well.


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