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Catagorize: Caves
Contact: On the provincial highway route number Mwkehlek 2089 - Palace Purple. West of the area. Tel. -

At Muak Lek-Wang Muang route, 2089, around kilometers 24-25, there will be a strangely beautiful tree tunnel. The tree tunnel is originated from many huge mimosa trees at both sides of the road bending in together creating a tunnel-like atmosphere. Those who are passing by then call it the tree tunnel; these people always stop over for taking photos of these amazing trees tunnel. The tunnel is 200 meters long. However, you have to be careful because the tunnel is at the curve. Taking photos might be dangerous. Therefore, you should turn on the light before taking photos for your own safety and those who are driving by.

To visit the tree tunnels, by personal car, take highway 2 and then highway 2089. The tunnel is located around kilometers 24-25. You will see the sign saying the tree tunnel. If you travel from Bangkok, take Mittraphap road from Saraburi intersection until reaching kilometer 35-36. Then turn left and take the highway 2224 (before Muak Lek district). Continue for about 4 kilometers, then turn left and take the highway 2089 for about 12 kilometers. You will then reach the milestone 24-25. The perfect time to visit the tree tunnel is in the afternoon period. The tunnel is at its peak during the rainy season because the leaves specially grow due to the rains. 


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