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  Wat Phra Phutthachai
Catagorize: Temple

This temple is renowned for its Buddha image as well as a nearby cliff, where a shadow image of the Buddha can be seen, known as RoiPhraPhuttharup. A Mondop, or outdoor pavilion, was built to shelter it.

The temple is also home to pre-historic drawings at the foot of the cliff, portraying animals such as deer. Near the entrance to PhraPhutthachai (the Buddha image), there are drawings of human hands and symbols. From the cave, ThamRuesi, to PhraPhutthachai on the western side, there are drawings of chickens, Buddha images and symbols. Also, on the Cho Po Ro cliff, a gigantic and complicated drawing was found. It is similar to the pre-historic drawing at PhaTaem, UbonRatchathani. Moreover, there is an ancient drawing made of latex, aged approximately 3,000 years, likely once used as part of religious ceremonies by inhabitants at the time.


WatPhraPhutthachai is situated on the foot of KhaoPathawi, NongPla Lai Sub-district, with the same entrance as PhraPhutthachai National Park.

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