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  Yana farm
Catagorize: Parks & Gardens
Contact: - Tel. 036364353

“Think of goats, think of Yana farm”. This is a friendly phrase from the farm which highlights the unique feature of this place. Yana farm offers you different travelling style with activities with goats, sheep, deer, ostriches and small birds including non-toxic vegetables. It is agricultural tourist attraction which is close to Bangkok and suitable for visiting. Apart from tourists, the farm is open for students, university students and people who are interested in farming. The instructors are prepared to give the knowledge and advice to those who visit.

Pairoj Phumala, the kind uncle who is well-known as a friendly farm-owner by visitors, owns 96,000 square meters farm. It has peaceful atmosphere and is surrounded with mountain and beautiful nature. Uncle Pairoj always welcomes visitors by himself and guides them to see the farm. The most popular animals are the goat babies since they are small and look cute. Visitors can feed them milk. The price of one milk bottle is for just 10 baht. 

Apart from the animals, the farm also possesses a vineyard, the delicious and sweet grapes and fresh non-toxic vegetables collected daily. The products are sold in special price for those who care about their health. Other products are the delicious and high benefitcial goat milk, soaps, goat milk ice creams, goat cream, goat meat, deer meat, capsules abstracted from soft antlers, 100% grape juice and vegetables from farm. Since Pairoj Phumala is a Muslim, this place also provides Muslim prayer room. “Assalam MualaiKum”, welcome our Muslim brothers and sisters.

There is no admission fee. The farm opens every day from 08.00 – 19.00 hours.

It is only two hours from Bangkok. It is located at 116, Moo 2, Wang Muang subdistrict, Wang Muang district, close to Wang Muang market and Pah Sak Chonloasit dam. From the city, drive to Nhong Bua subdistrict, heading for Highway Number 3017. 

For more information about the route or the farm, please call Pairoj Phumala 081-8069076 or 

Yana shop Tel. 036-364353 e-mail daleena@hotmail.com 


Website: http://www.yanafarm.cam