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  Prasat Prang Ku
Catagorize: Other religious & spiritural sites
Contact: Ban Ku, Tambol Ku, Amphoe Prang Ku, Srisaket Province  Tel. -

It is located at Ban Ku, Tambol Ku, Amphoe Prang Ku, Srisaket Province and 10 kilometers off Amphoe Prang Ku or 70 kilometers off the heart of the province. There are three Prasats installed one by one on the same laterite in the position of north to south and is only an entrance in the east. The ones on left and in the middle were made of bricks and with different patterns neatly engraved on many parts of the laterite. The other one was different from those as its body was made of laterite.

Formerly, Prasat Prang Ku used to have lintels over 3 entrance door frames. The first one was inscribed into Indra riding his three-headed elephant Erawan. The second one was inscribed into Lord Vishnu riding on garuda and standing on two singhas and the last one was inscribed into Lakshmana bound by Indrajit's Nagapasha. All of these are installed in front of the Prasat for tourists.

Excavation of the site in 1988 shows that such interesting antique as parts of a building were found as connices, tympanums with 5 headed Naga pattern or supporting capitals. According to the art appeared on the lintels and other parts, this place was established around B.E. 1800 as it has possessed the same Khmer style as that of Angkor Wat.

In its proximity, there are the statues of two hermits and Buddhadhammaratana for tourists to pay respect to. These are believed to bring good luck. If you travel in dry season from February, you will see a group of migratory ducks seeking their food around the large pond in front of the holy place.


You can travel by two means which are firstly on Srisakes- Surin Road. Once arriving there, you have to turn left at the intersection and go into High Way Number 2234 and secondly Srisakes- Kukan Road. Once arriving at the intersection, you have to turn right into High Way Number 2167.

It opens every day from 08.00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Free admission

For more information, please contact 04451 4447


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th