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  The Pa-Thammarong Museum
Catagorize: Museums
Contact: - Tel. 0 7423 1055, 0 7423 8518, 0 7424 3747

The Pa-Thammarong Museum or the house of Tinsulanondafamily is located at No.1, MueangSongkla of Songkla Province. Jana Road is near the national museum of Songkla Province which is the location of the former accommodation of BuengTinsulanonda, the father of his Excellency General PremTinsulanonda. It was built by the Department of Corrections in the period that SanitRujinarong served as director-general of the Department of orrections. It was established on 25th August, 2530 B.E. on the area of 143.5 Tarangwas with the budget of 736,039.26 Baht.

The museum is in the Thai-house architecture built for imitating the hometown of his Excellency General PremTinsulanonda, who was the former Prime Minister of Thailand and statesman as well as a Songkla people. According to the storytelling about memory of the period when his father served as warder of Songkla prison “Pa-Thammarong” which is the old position of the officers of the Department of Corrections originated since the era of Krungsriayudhya as the city center together with as the warder evidenced in the First Thai Enacted Law and various kinds of prosecutors. The position of Pa-Thammarong was continuously served till the Act of Corrections was enacted in 2479 B.E., the position was abolished.

The museum is the museum imitating the hometown of the father of his Excellency General PremTinsulanonda when he served the Special Pa-Thammarong Position of Songkla Province. From the memory of His Excellency General PremTinsulanonda, the museum are the two one-storey wooden building with the hip roof along with the open broadly field connected the two building together. Inside the house, there is the exhibition of stuff of the Tinsulanonda family in the old days and the history of the family. Nowadays, the Songkla City Municipal is responsible for management and development the buildings as the tourist information center.

In addition, the origin of the “Tinsulanonda” family was given by the King Rama VII on 14th June 2462 B.E. because he wanted the Thais to have their surname to be the holding for descendants, to be the flag of the family and to let the descendants to hold onto virtue by maintaining reputation and privilege of the forefathers to be further successive and endurable.

The words “Tinsulanonda” means respectively “Tin” meaning “grass”, “Sula” meaning “sharp and top”, “Nonda” meaning “satisfaction” which altogether becomes “Tinsulanonda” means “the satisfaction in sharp grass”

The museum open every Monday and official holiday at 8.30 a.m.-4.00 p.m.

Website: http://www.songkhlazoo.com