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Catagorize: Art Galleries
Contact: - Tel. +66 7433 1596

Chin Ao-Ramut is a shadow play master who is very skillful in the shadow play, which is also called nangTalung, in every aspect. He can both write screenplay and carve shadow play figures making a lot of his works. His writing style of shadow plays is based on ancient screenwriting style; that is, focusing on open the story and run the story (describe the story) with “storytelling” (by singing Talung poetry) which is different from that of modern screenwriters who are favor of running the story by narrating the story. Besides, he always practice ad-lib till he is capable of flexibly singing story according to situation on the stage or specific situation in wherever he performs potentially. He is considered to be a excellently clever shadow play master.

The shadow play of Chin Thammakos get very welcoming attention from the audience, leading to his reputation spreading through the southern region of Thailand. Given his professional performance ability in every aspect, from his laying out the exciting structure for convincing audience to follow the story, his smooth and beautiful poetry, his impressive conversation dialogue, especially his presenting story which contributes to good moral and ethicsneatly inserted in his story. Even the comic dialogue which is a very important part of the shadow play, he can make audience laugh and enjoy with the story without using dirty or rude words.

Chin shadow Puppet has performed both in Thailand and Malaysia. Moreover, their performances have always been recorded and broadcasted through the television and radio program. In 2517 B.E., Chin shadow puppet performed before His Majesty the King and Her Majesty Queen Sirikit at Thaksin Rachanivet Palace, leading to their pleasure, so they gave the name of the shadow puppet called “Nang A-thacosit” which meant the shadow puppet declaring virtue resulting in extremely glad and proud among the shadow puppet Chin.

“A-Thacosit House” is located at No.116, Moo.3, Sa-TingmoSubdistrict, Singhanakorn of Songkla Province. It is the house of the national artist of Thailand in performing arts (shadow puppet) in 2532 B.E. It is opened as the first performing arts of shadow puppet learning resource of the southern region of Thailand. Youth and people interested in performing arts of shadow puppet can learn about the performance from the basic level to be able to open the performance. The house consists of accommodation, Thammakos cottage and the shadow puppet theater, full with literature work about the shadow puppet, performing equipment, the puppets as well as musical instrument used for the performance. Chin Thammakos or “Chin shadow play master” is director and mentor for those who are interested in the shadow play in the house. Opening the house is to give an opportunity for youth and people who are interested in the shadow play to get knowledge and have a resource to search information about performing arts of the shadow play which is considered as the unique of the southern region of Thailand as well as to reserve the arts of shadow play to be not disappeared with time. It is the free learning resource and for those who are interested can come visit here and Chin shadow play master welcomes all of visitors to learn and together reserve the arts of shadow puppet, the beloved and highly valued as much as his life. The visitors can come here from 8.00 a.m.-5p.m.

Website: http://www.songkhlazoo.com