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  Wat Chang Lom
Catagorize: Temple
Contact: Located within the old town of Si Satchanalai, this temple is on the plain, south of Khao Phanom Phloeng. Tel. -

Wat Chang Lom

The temple consists of a bell-shaped chedi standing as the centre. The chedi is situated on a base with a platform decorated with a row of elephants seen by their front halves supporting the round chedi. In addition, there is the base of a brick vihan in the front, and ruins of a boundary wall to enclose the whole temple.

Wat Chang Lom dates back to the 15th century, a late addition to Si Satchanalai's temples.

The main structure at Wat Chang Lom is a large bell-shaped stupa. There are big sculptures of elephants, totalling 39, all around the base, which is reflected in the name of this temple.

the Stupa is surrounded by elephant sculptures made of brick or stucco with stucco covering, the assembly hall with its surviving columns and Buddha image at the east end, the brick ordination hall with its laterite columns, the moat supplied with water from the Mae Ramphan Canal and the brick wall parameter of approximately 100 by 157 meters.

The bell shaped stupa is built on a square foundation 18 meters on each side and surrounded by 32 elephants along the base of the stupa. As shown in the pictures each elephant is separated by a panel made of bricks to give the illusion the elehants are each standing in a small room or large niche.

Contrary to other temples in the Sukhothai area, these elephants show their entire body, not just the head and front legs (like at Wat Chang Lom and Wat Sorasak in Sukhothai).

The second level of the base of the stupa has 20 niches , which contained seated Buddha images, a feature inspired by Mon temple architecture. A railing in the form of snakes surrounds this level of the stupa.

Higher up are just below the spire of the chedi are reliefs of walking Buddha Images. You should walk away from the temple quite a bit, and then possibly look through a zoom lense to see them properly. Similar reliefs are more easily visible at Wat Khao Sawankhiri (on a hill northwest of Wat Chang Lom).


In front of the stupa are the remains of an assembly hall (viharn). Another smaller assembly hall and the remains of a smaller stupa southeast of the main stupa (on the right side when entering the temple compound).

Wat Chang Lom is located 200 meters east of the eastern gate of the ancient Sukhothai City walls.



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