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  Chom Phra Castle
Catagorize: Landmarks and Memorials
Contact: Moo 4, Chom Phra subdistrict Tel. 0

Chom Phra Castle is located at Moo 4, Chom Phra subdistrict. Chom Phra castle has Arokayasarn feature of completed structure. The buildings were built from laterite and sandstone. The castle faces the east and consists of four main features which belong to Arokayasarn model. They are square president stupa with a Bannalai porch in the front or 

a rectangular building in the front. There are walls surrounded with cross-shaped entrance arch and the pond outside the walls. The important ancient items are one head which is the part of Awalokitaesuan Bodhisattava and one Watcharasat Buddha’s Image, the same as the one found in Arokayasarn in Phimai district and Ku Kaew stupa, Khon Kaew province. These ancient items are respected in Mahayana Buddhism. The features match with Bayon art style of Khmer which is the flourishing art style in King Chai Woraman the 7th of Khmer kingdom. 

At present, ChomPhra stone castle is in ruined state. Only the president castle structure and the laterite entrance arch Gopuira at the east are left. The laterite used in building is damaged to the ground and is covered by lots of soil. 

In order to study and renovate, it is required digging.

Ajarn Bunroen Kashma, the expert in Khmer studies of Surindra Rajabhat University revealed that “This Chom Phra stone castle is over 800 years. According to archaeological history, Chom Phra stone castle is Arokayasarn which Khin Chai Woraman the 7th, the last king of Khmer kingdom, built during 1181 – 1220. The castle was believed to be under the care of  Phra Karn Phesat Kuru Waithun Prapha, the pharmacist who gave happiness and cure to people.

There are six castles, which are in the same structure and were built in the same age. They are Chom Phra Castle, 

?? Castle, Ban Chanieng, Sanom Castle, Chang Pii Castle and Muen Wai Castle. These castles are in ruined state. 

However, these castles were Arokayasarn or hospitals in the past. We have evidence recorded in the stone inscription 

which we are taking good care of it.”   


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