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  Muang Tee castle
Catagorize: Historical Sites & Monuments
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Muang Tee castle is located at Moo 1, Tambol Muang Tee in the area of Chom Suttawat Temple. It is a Khmer style temple that was modified just like Sikorn Poom Castle. This castle was built with bricks and mortars. It was built in a group on the same foundation with the main one in the middle and the other 4 on each corner. Nowadays, the 4 castles in each corner has only 3 castles left. Each castle has stairs with no doors. The roofs were built in 3 levels with no tips. It is a popular Khmer architectural style; a big castle in the middle with small ones on each corner according to the Bramanisam. However, there is no inscription or carved pattern to show when it was exactly built.  

From the layout and the architectural style of the Stupa that is in a thin shape, the Muang Tee Castle is classified into the Laos architectural style that was built by the local community who excavated to the Ayudhaya Kingdom during the 23rd – 24th century.

The experts assumed the age of this castle according to two points which are;

1. The architectural style of the castle which is thin and the history of Muang Tee city in the Ayudhaya Kingdom. Muang Tee castle was assumed to be built and renovated from the Khmer and Kui people who settled down in this area and tried to bring the civilization of the Khmer Kingdom here.

2. This ancient remain used to be a religious place of the ancient Khmer. Then, in the end of the Ayudhaya Kingdom, it was renovated by the Khmer and the Kui people who settled down in this area.


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