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  Ban Plai Castle
Catagorize: Historical Sites & Monuments
Contact: Ban Prasart, Chue Pleng subdistrict, Prasart district, Surin province.  Tel. 0

Ban Plai or Khok castle is located at Ban Prasart, Chue Pleng subdistrict, Prasart district, Surin province. 

The castle is of three minor castles built of smooth bricks on the same laterite base from the north to the south. The plan of the castle is reduced angles squares. At present, two of the castles, the north one and the middle one, are in quite good state. 

The north castle still has its lintel on the same place. There are two more lintels on the floor which are presumed that they are from the middle and the south castles. One lintel presents the angel sitting with his knees up at the north entrance with 

the crow carrying a garland. The angel is holding the garland with both hands. Another lintel presents the picture of Indra god riding his Erawan elephant.

The picture of Indra god riding the Erawan elephant appears in Ramayana and Hindu religion. Indra has green body and his vehicle is the three elephants. One elephant named Erawan was granted to him by Siwa god. 

Kirimektraidayuk elephant was given by Phrom god and Ekatan elephant was given by Vissanu god. Erawan is the most powerful elephant among the three elephants. It is also the favorite one of Indra. It is believed that this elephant is a male god. Wherever Indra wants to go, Erawan will transform into an elephant and goes with him. Eraean is a white elephant with 33 heads. Each head has seven ivories. Each ivory is four million Wa long. On each ivory, there are seven lotus ponds. 

In each pond, it has seven lotuses. Each lotus has seven petals. Each petal has seven pollens. Each pollen has seven castles. Each castle has seven floors. Each floor has seven rooms. Each room has seven thrones. Each throne has seven goddesses. Each goddess has seven servants. Each servant has Thasi maid. Altogether, there are 190,248,433 goddesses. 

The servant number is in total of 13,331,669,031 maids. On 33 heads of Erawan, there is Upentha god on each head. Normally, Thai artists portray Erawan with only three heads elephant.

Moreover, there is “L” alphabet on the north and the south. The pond is in the rectangle shape. It is presumed that the pond is made in late BE 16 or early BE 17.


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