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  Phumpon Castle
Catagorize: Historical Sites & Monuments
Contact: Sanklaburi district Tel. -

Phumpon castle consists of three brick castles and one laterite base from the north to the south. The third brick castle is the big president castle made from Mai Sor Poon brick. There are poles at the door entrances and sandstone lintel. 

Under the gable above the lintel is decorated with curved leaf pattern. The format and technique used in building the president castle is like Khmer castle before Phra Nakorn contemporary with the first castle. Fine Arts Department found Sansakrit language stone inscription and Pala alphabets used in BE 12-13. It is one of the first set of stone inscription. (The oldest stone inscriptions which have clear memo of year found in Thailand is Khao Noi stone inscription, Aranya Pratet district, Sra Kaew province, BE 1180 and Khao Wang stone inscription, Aranya Pratet district, Sra Kaew province, BE 1182).

The small brick castle in the middle and the south castle with laterite base were built in later period. Phumpon castle is presumed to be built to serve as religious place for Hindu religion, Saiwa group like other religious places at that time. Although the Hindu phallic symbol is not found in the stupa but the big stupa has Som Sut tube which is the holy water tube from the base in the middle room on the wall at the same level of the floor.

The decoration is matched with the art’s age of this castle. It is considered as one of the oldest ancient rites in Thailand. Surin province is where Palawa–Sansakrit stone inscriptions are found. The laterite base of the castle and 

the second castle were built in later period but we cannot specify the real age. 

This castle owns a story about Nieng Dok Thom tale which is about the daughter of the last Khmer ruler of Phumpon kingdom. The tale is mentioned in the history and the tale of Surin city.

To go to this castle from Surin city, take Highway Number 2077 (Surin-Sanklaburi) 


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