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  Baan Pluang Castle
Catagorize: Historical Sites & Monuments
Contact:  Baan Pluang, Tambol Baan Pluang, Amphur Prasad, Surin Tel. 0

Baan Pluang Castle is located at Baan Pluang, Tambol Baan Pluang, Amphur Prasad, Surin. It is a small religious place facing toward the east. It was built according to the Bapuan art by white sandstone on laterite surrounded by a “U” shape ditch. The castle’s layout is a 4x4 meters square. The foundation laterite is in a 8x23 meters rectangular shape. It was assumed by the big size of the laterite that the castle was intended to be built in 3 levels on the same foundation. However, there might be an important event such as war, plague, drought that seized it.

Baan Pluang Castle is a single castle with only one door, the other 3 sides were carved to a visual door. The lintel on the east side and south side were carved into the picture of Indra riding on Erawan elephant. The lintel on the north was carved into the picture of Shiva subduing the Naga and the lintel on the west still has no picture yet.

Baan Pluang Castle is an unfinished castle noticing from the unfinished carved wall. Most of the pictures on the wall are the story of the Soivism and also pictures of animals which cannot be found at any castles.

Baan Pluang Castle was renovated during 1971 – 1973 with the Anastylosis process which is the restoration of a ruined monument or building by reassembling fallen parts and, when necessary, incorporating new materials by Mr. Vans Ray Sildress, a doctor’s degree student at Cornell, USA.


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