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  Huai Saneng Dam
Catagorize: Dam,Reservoir, Lake
Contact: Amphur Muang Surin  Tel. 0 4414 2580

Huai Saneng Dam is a soil dam in the area of Amphur Muang Surin and Amphur Prasat, Surin province. It is around 7 kilometers from the city. Huai Saneng was built in 1977 to be the barrier between Huai Saneng and Ampuel River at Baan Koke Ja – Baan Tanon – Baan Chaliang. This river receives the water from Ampuel Reservoir which is a twin reservoir on the north of the dam. Then, a hole was dug to connect between these 2 reservoirs in order to relieve flood and use for agricultural purpose.

The word Saneng comes from the local language. The Royal Irrigation Department designed this project as the first project of Surin province in year 1938 and started building it in 1940.

The irrigation of this dam is mostly the reservoir. In year 1984, the irrigation department declared this project to be in the responsibility of them. The head office of this project is located at Huai Saneng Reservoir, Moo 2, Baan Tamneab, Tambol Chaliang, Amphur Muang, Surin. Huai Saneng Dam is around 20 meters high from the sea level and the ridge of the dam is around 4.4 meters long. This dam can contain 1,200 million square meters of water. 

Nowadays, the Huai Saneng Dam is the resources of breeding fish and also a tourist location. That is why it is called Talay Surin (The sea of Surin). The ridge of the dam is also wide enough to build a palace to support the Queen during her proceeding. This palace is also opened for the tourists to visit. It is also the palace to serve the Royal Family during their proceedings in the Northeaster Region.

The dam is around 5 kilometers from the city. Take the highway 214 until you see the 5th -6th kilometre milestone. Take the left junction to the Klong Chonlapratan and you will see a big sign of the dam.


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