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  Taksin Maharat National Park
Catagorize: National Parks & Marine Reserves

Taksin Maharat National Park covers the area of Mae Tor Forest in Tambon Mar Tor, Tambon Pra Wor in Muang Tak District, and Mae Lamor Forest in Mae Sot Distrct. The mountain ranges are steep and complex. The forests are fertile and of many kinds such as montane forests, pine forests, tropical rain forests, dry dipterocarp forests, and mixed forests. The climate is cool all year round with the average temperature of 23 °C. It is soppy from August to October. In winter from November to January, the average temperature is 9.1°C.
The park area was used to march Thai and Burmese armies in 1762. King Alaungpaya, together with his army, approached Ayutthaya but suddenly fell ill and died in this forest.
1.Enormous Krabak tree
It is a softwood tree located in a valley of the evergreen forest. The tree is tall and has no branch.
It is approximately 700 years old with the height of 16 metres and a circumference of approx. 16 metres which is the highest Krabak tree in Thailand. Mr Sawhat Na Nan, technician at Tak telecommunication station, found this tree. The park made the walking trail to Krabak tree a trail to study nature of the forest. Those who want to visit the tree should be physically ready because the trail is quite steep and the tree is 2.5 km away from the park office. You have to walk down the hill for 400 metres.
2. Natural Bridge
It is a huge stone strip bridging the two cliffs together. Approx. 50 metres further from the cliff is a beautiful cave with stalagmites and stalactites.
3.Pang Ah Noi Waterfall is a middle size waterfall with water flowing throughout the year.
4. Tran Loard Krow – Pha Daeng Cave. A water stream originated from Pha Daeng brooks flows to the cave below. The cave features beautiful stalagmites and stalactites.

5. Mae Ya Pa Waterfall is a middle size waterfall originated from Mae Ya Pa brook in a thick forest.

6. Sam Muen Thung Waterfall is a large waterfall originated from Sam Muen Lhuang brook with water flowing all year round.

Entrance fees are for Thais, children - 20 baht and adults - 40 baht. For foreigners, children – 200 baht and adults – 400 baht. 4-wheel vehicles are 20 baht (driver not included).

Accommodations available include bungalows and campsites. There are 8 houses (1,000-2,400 baht), a house for 30 people (2,000 baht), and campsites where tourists pay only 30/person/night for camping. There is also a restaurant but reservation is required. For more information, contact Taksin Maharat National Park, Tambon Mae Tho, Tambon Phra Wo, Amphoe Mueang, Tak 63000 or call the Park Office at 0-5551-1429 or the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation at 0 2562 0760 / www.dnp.go.th

Getting there: This national park is located at tambon Mae Tor and Pa Wor, 2 kilometers off of the km. 26 marker on the Tak-Mae Sot Highway No. 105.

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