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Catagorize: Village, Community
Contact: Amphoe Mae Sot, Tak Tel. -

Mae Sot
Mae Sot has many tourist attractions, temples, and pure nature, e.g. Phra That Hin Kiw Doi Din Ki which is highly respected among local people, Mae Sot City Shirne, San Chao Pho Pha Wo Shrine, San Chao Pho Khun Sam Chon, King Naresuan Shrine, Chedi Phra That Pha Daeng, White Elephant Enclosure Ruins.
In Mae Sot district, there are many important temples, i.e. Wat Tham Inthanin which was built when Luang Pu Jia Juntho was the abbot, Wat Phothikhun (Wat Huay Toei) which is 12km. far from Mae Sot district and has Phra Trilokachet, the principal Buddha image in the attitude of Subduing Mara, Wat Manee Phraison which is located in the Maesot market. Wat Manee Phraison has an architecture of Chedi Vihara Samphuttha style which means Vihara and Chedi are the same building. Moreover, there are Wat Chumphonkhiri (Wat Klang) which has a gigantic golden Chedi imitating the Schwedagon in Myanmar. Generally the chedi is called “Chedi Kabot”. Wat Thaiwatthanaram (Wat Mae Tao Ngiao or Wat Tai Yai) which has Tai Yai architecture with Mon style stepped-pyramid chedi and has Phra Phutthamani , a Myanmar-style Buddha image, in Ubosot. Wat Din Kaew is another important temple in Mae Sot.
In Mae Sot, there are also numerous natural tourist attractions.
-Lan Sang National Park – Located in Ban Lan Song, Mae Tho sub-district, Amphoe Mueang district, Tak province, covering an area of 104.58sq.km.
-King Taksin The Great National Park – Located in Ban Lan Song, Mae Tho sub-district, Amphoe Mueang district, Tak province, covering an area of 149sq.km.
-Mae Moei, National Park
-Khun Phano National Park or Pa Sam Muean National Reserved forest – Located in Tak province covering an area of 220 sq.km.
-Pha Charoen Waterfall National Park
In addition, there are more tourist attractions which are;
-Thararak Waterfall – Located in Ban Chedi Ko. It is a small one-level waterfall with water all year round. The water falls from 30m. and 90 degree  cliff.
-Nang Kruan Waterfall (Per Pa) – Located in the area of Pha Charoen National Park. It is a middle size multi-level waterfall with a strong current falling to the forest below.
-Pang Manora Waterfall
-Mae Usa Cave – Located in the same area with Mae Gasa hot spring, it is a big cave with 13 halls inside connected to one another and stalactites inside.
-Mae Gasa hot spring – located in Mae Gasa sub-district with a 75c water. There are two more hot springs.
-Moei River – 6km far from Mae Sot district of Thailand-Myanmar border. The Moei River flows north in a NW direction, unlike ordinary rivers. It originates in Phop Phra district.
-Patthaya Tha Lo
-Mae Kuet San Tha
-Kaeng Mae La Mao
In addition, the magic hill is another tourist attraction. It is located on km.68 The car will roll uphill with engine turned off and neutral gear.


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