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  Kaeng Tana National Park
Catagorize: National Parks & Marine Reserves
Contact: Sirindhorn District  Tel. 0 4540 6887 ? 8, 0 4525 2722 ? 3

Kaeng Tana National Park is the 33rd national park in Thailand, covering approximately 50,000 Rai in the area of Khong Chiam District and Sirindhorn District in Ubon Ratchathani Province. It is normally a plain and small hill with the Mun River and the Khong River flowing through. The forests are generally grove forest and deciduous forest. The evergreen forest is only at the bank of the swamp Huai Yai.

In Kaeng Tana National Park, there are a lot of interesting tourist attractions, such as;

Don Tana is an island in the middle of the Mun River, dividing the river into 2 courses. It covers around 225 Rai. It is generally a dry evergreen forest. At the north of the island, there is a beach for relaxation.

The rope bridge is the bridge that connects the two sides between the national park office and Don Tana. It is the longest rope bridge in Thailand that people can walk across. It can be a perfect view point to see 2 sides of the Mun River.

Kaeng Tana is a part of the Mun River, which is situated next to Don Tana. In the middle of Kaeng Tana, there is a large sand stone, looking like an island in the middle of the Mun River. If the tourists look closely at the stone, they will see a square construction, which is used for navigation and used as a tool for directing ships to the channels during the French colonization.

Tham Phra or Tham Phu Manai is located around 1 kilometer from the tourist service center. It is an overhanging rock protruding from the bank of the Mun River. Inside of it found stone inscription and Shiva Lingam statue on Yoni platform made during the 12th-13th Buddhist century.

Lan Pha Phueng is located approximately 1.5 kilometers from the national park center. It is a sandstone terrace and steep cliff facing eastward. Therefore, this place can be a view point for seeing sunrise.

Tat Ton Waterfall is a spectacular waterfall. It is originated from Tat Ton brook. Beneath the waterfall is a swamp where the tourists can swim. The suitable time to visit the waterfall is from June to October.


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