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Contact: Tambon Khong Chiam, Amphoe Khong Chiam, ubon Ratchathani Tel. -

It is an important cultural and natural tourist attraction in Ubolrachatanee. It was established by Luangphu Kaning Julamanee as a Vassa-residence. Nowadays he is dead but his body is not decomposed and it is preserved in a glass coffin revered by his attendants. Visiting the temple, tourists can admire the scenic view of the Kong River and Songsri River as well as the opposite country as it is located on plateau on the Kong River’s side, giving a beautiful scene of two rivers the Kong River and Moon River converging and becoming Songsri River as well as a beautiful landscape of Kongjiem. Inside the temple are various kinds of interesting artifacts including the white and magnificently carved ubosot which attracts a great number of tourists. Moreover, the temple installs the spectacular pagoda Sritaipoom inside which a Buddha’s image meditating is installed. A garden of stumps is also an attraction not to miss as it is also a center preserving various kinds of marvelous colorful Thai orchids. Furthermore, the cave Tum Koohasawan awaits your visit as well. It is situated in the back of the temple with convenient access. Inside the cave are Buddha’s images subduing Mara and the glass coffin of Luangphu.


If you drive along from Amphoe Muang, you have to go along Highway into Amphoe Warinchamrab. Then go along Highway Number 217 which leads you to Amphoe Pibulmungsaharn until you reach the heart of Amphoe and turn left into Pibulmungsaharn Bridge. Then go along Highway Number 2222. Before arriving at Amphoe Kongjiem, you will see the site.


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th