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  Baan Kampoon
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Baan Kampoon, the famous manufacturer and preserver of Ubolrachatanee’s local fabrics, is open for tourists to visit its local traditions and cultures which have been preserved for a long time. You’ll have an opportunity to witness the splendid architecture, priceless ancient fabrics, procedures of producing unique local fabrics and many other works of arts.

It is situated in the building in style of north-west Thailand. It has been the manufacturer and a learning center for weaving Thai silk and fabrics for a long time. It aims to conserve Thai heritage and local wisdom by the expert in textile and weaving, Kampoon Srisai, awarded Outstanding Cultural Award for Visual Arts and Textile and her son, Meechai Taesujariya, awarded Outstanding Artist in Ubolrachatanee in 2001, who discovered and designed the Kabbua pattern which is the unique pattern in Ubolrachatane. Moreover, the house is resided by this family so it gives a lived-in feeling.


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th/parkreserve/asp/style2/default.asp?npid=99&lg=1