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  Wat Pa Sai Ngam
Catagorize: Temple
Contact:  Dej Udom district Tel. -

Wat Pa Sai Ngam is located in the west of Dej Udom district, 1 kilometer away from Dej Udom transport station. It was established in 1972 from the public forest covering the area of 25 fields.

Wat Pa Sai Ngam was constructed due to local people’s faith in Luang Pu Cha Suphato’s Dharma teachings from Nong Pah Pong temple.

Luang Pu Cha Suphato titled Anake Yostinno, one of the people in Dej Udon, to become the chief monk resided in this temple which is the 10th temple of Wat Nong Pah Pong. 

Normally, there are 8-10 monks staying at this temple.

Wat Pa Sai Ngam was fully constructed in 2002 covering the area of 130 fields. The canal near the temple is 8 meters wide and 4 meters deep. The temple’s wall was made of leftover soil from the canal construction. The temple wall help reduce the noise problems. There is also a water dam using for planting the trees and raising animals. Also, the lotus gardening in this temple was received the royal award in 2001 from HRH Crown Prince for reducing the global warming issue on 5th August, 2002.  

Wat Pa Sai Ngam follows the teaching of Nong Pah Ping temple where Buddhists rely on themselves and work hard. The monks study and follow the Dharma lesson to understand the way of the world without depending on the lucky charms, magic, sacred water or other beneficial merit events.


Website: http:// http://www.dnp.go.th/parkreserve/asp/style1/default.asp?npid=95&lg=1