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  Wat Thipphayaratnimit (Wat Pa Ban Chik)
Catagorize: Temple

Wat Thipphayaratnimit or Wat Pa Ban Chik is an ancient temple located to the southeast of the intersection between Thahan Road, Mak Khaeng sub-district, Mueang district, Udon Thani province. This area is “Khum Ban Chik”. Passing the gate, you will see a low brick fence. The temple is divided into two parts, the outer part is much smaller than the inner one. An old ordination hall that was removed in 1990 used to locate at the outer part.

The inner part has more space. There is a pond next to the fence. Overlooking to the left of the pond, you will observe a kitchen and dwelling structures for nuns along the fence to the north. 

Between the pond and the dwelling structures, a concrete road stretches towards a pair of giant and old pavilions, where two giant statues stand in front of the pavilion that used to be a breakfast place for monks and a meditation place for laymen during the time there was no ordination hall.

Looking at the right side of the pond, you will remark a new elegant ordination hall, a mixed arts between the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods. Nowadays, this kind of hall with the mixed arts can be rarely seen.   

Next to the ordination hall to the left, a cloister exists. There are many gestures of Buddha images from birth, enlightenment and nirvana. Currently, the cloister is used for monks’ breakfast. 

Beyond the cloister on the left, dwelling structures for monks are scattered along the south fence. The dwelling structures and the cloister are separated by a pond. The road between the pond and the new ordination hall leads us to the dwelling of Luang Pu, where another pond exists. 

The principal Buddha image in the ordination hall

His smiling face looks gentle and kind. His looking down eyes are as if he looked at Buddhist people who pay homage to him. Prayers often say that the holy Buddhist image at night looks as if he closed his eyes. In the morning and daytime, his eyes are open. Some mention that if we do good deeds and practice meditation, his eyes will open. 


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