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  Chaopu – Chaoya Chinese Spirit Shrine
Catagorize: Other religious & spiritural sites

This large and beautiful Chinese spirit shrine is on Nittayo Road behind the train station near Nong Bua Market. Here, there is a small garden beside a lotus pond. Two Chinese pavilions stand in the pond, serving as a view point in pleasant and shady surroundings. The golden dragon, 99 m long, to be used during the Thung Si Mueang annual fair in December, is also kept here.

In addition to 30 joss sticks, the secret to offering sacrifices and asking for wishes is four oranges. After paying respect of six locations, continue to the Kao Liao Bridge that is believed to link the heaven. Then, return to pay respect to the Chaopu-Chaoya Chinese spirit shrine again and take home two oranges.

The first sacred place that must be respected is “Thi Ti Pae Bo” or “Thi Kong” or “God Shrine”. It is to pay homage to the heaven or gods on the heaven (all Chinese temples or shrines house “Thi Ti Pae Bo”). Thi Kong that is 14.4 m high was constructed in 2001 (the 51st session of the committee).  .

The second sacred thing is “Pueng Thao Kong Ma” or “Chaopu Chaoya” in Thai constructed in 1991(the 41st session of the committee).  . The common sacred object is “Chaopu Chaoya” which Udon people always come to pay respect and ask for wishes as they believe that their wishes are always fulfilled. 

The third holy one is Chao Pho Nong Bua Shrine since it is located near a lotus pond. Nowadays, a public park is built, so Chao Pho Nong Bua is invited to enshrine here in line with the belief when the shrine was newly established.

The fourth sacred place is “Ti Chu Ia” or a Chinese spirit house. The sacred thing that protects the place is Chaopu Chaoya.

The fifth sacred place is Phra Sangkachai that was discovered under the Banyan tree at the Chaopu Chaoya Shrine in 1987 (the 37th session of the committee). 

The sixth sacred place is “Chang Nguan Suai”, which is the god who is an expert in philosophy and is worshipped by students prior to their major examinations. 


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