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  Wat Yai Tha Sao
Catagorize: Temple
Contact: Thanon Samranrun, Tambon Tha Sao, Amphoe Mueang, Uttaradit

WatYaiTha Sao is located on SamranRuen road, Tha Sao sub-district, AmphoeMueang district, Uttaradit province. It is an ancient temple and believed to be built in the late Ayutthaya era. The temple possesses many archaeological sites and items. Today, it is registered as an archaeological site on the area of about 2 Rai.

The temple has always been changed and renovated. Inside the temple is tranquil and relaxing because there are many big trees and flowers in the temple’s area. There is a big Hopea Wood next to the sermon hall and a big sugar palm tree in front of the sermon hall. The temple has a big court including 1 ubosot, 1 sermon hall, 1 hall for keeping the scriptures, 1 viharaLuang Pho Yek, multi-purposes pavilion, 19 monk’s cells, 1 bell tower, 1 crematory, 1 library. The temple is next to the Samran road until Nan river. There are 13 monks in the temple (updated on 23 January 2011) and the Buddhists always come to make merit at the temple. The abbot of this temple has a good vision and friendly. He improves the temple to be good for Dhamma practice.


Please contact the abbot before visit because the ubosot is always closed, but vihara is always open for public.

Website: http://www.watpaphukon.org