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  Phaya Thaen Public Park
Catagorize: Parks & Gardens
Contact: Chang Sanid Road, Mueang Yasothon District Tel. -

Phaya Thaen Public Park is a famous tourist attraction located on Chang Sanid Road, Mueang Yasothon District, or on the side of highway no.23 with the area of approximately 7 acres. The park is close to Lamthuan Resevior. The province has managed this place to be a place where people can relax. There's also an outdoor stage provided for the province's annual festivals, that is the Rocket Festival the people believe to pay homage to Phaya Thaen in order to ask for rain, as well as other festivals such as annual boat racing and Songkran festival. There are also a playground and a park area for exercising.

The park is surrounded by a winding stream and comprises a beautiful garden. It is one of the popular attractions in Yasothon where local people and tourists come to relax. The park was also awarded as the best public park among 3 regions in 1982.


Survey has it that normally tourists only come to join the Rocket Festival once a year. Therefore, public and private organizations in Yasothon as well as the local people wanted to create an attraction which is related to the festival. They helped building Phaya Thaen's monument based on the legend of Bun Bung Fai (the rockets). The monument of Phra Soonthorn Racha Wongsa, the founder and the first governor of Yasothon province is also the highlight of the province. 


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th