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  Hor Trai Wat Sra Trinurak
Catagorize: Educational gardens, Temple
Contact: Moo 1 Tambon Na Wiang Tel. -

Hor Trai, or library of Wat Sra Trinurak. is an old library located in the middle of the pond for more than a hundred years. The building is in Burmese architectural style made of wood and is 8.30 metre wide and 10.50 metre long, with 4-level metal-sheet roof and long eaves at all sides. The front door is beautifully carved. It has housed ancient Buddhist scriptures for a very long period of time.

According to the temple's survey, the temple was founded on April 7th, 1459 which was in the reign of King Trailokkanat (1376-1488). It is said that Laotians evacuated from Baan Sam Muen Pu Piang to escape the war under the lead of Yaku Lhakkum. He led the people across Mekong river passing through Baan Nong Shun Yai (now in Roi Et Province), and settled at Huay Kor. They founded a temple on the southeast of the village as well as a pavilion on the water to preserve Buddhist scriptures. The community called themselves “Ka Kae Village” and later changed into “Baan Sra Wiang” and “Baan Na Wiang” like nowadays.

Hor Trai Wat Sra Trinurak was renovated in 1920. In 1990, the Fine Art Department surveyed and registered Hor Trai Wat Sra Trinurak as the national archeological site. The pond was dry and the library was damaged from termites. The village reported the Fine Art Department and requested for the budget to renovate.

In 1996, the Fine Art Department designed a new plan and prepared the budget of 1,099,000 for the renovation. The original designs were preserved. This library houses many ancient objects such as 198 palm leaf manuscripts carrying Buddhist scriptures which are kept in a cabinet, a carved horn, and an ivory.


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th