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  Khit Pillow at Ban Sri Than
Catagorize: Village, Community
Contact: Tambon Sri T Tel. -

Khit Pillow at Ban Sri Than is a village located in Tambon Sri Than, Pa Tiw District, Yasothon Province. The village has a tradition that has been passed down generations to generations that is to make knit pillows. The production started from making pillows to use within households and the pillows were used to trade with other villages by exchanging the pillows into, for instance, rice, fishes, chilies, and garlics. Later on, there were varieties of pillows but the most popular one was the knit pillow. Therefore, the villagers focused on making beautiful patterns to offer to monks, to use in ceremonies, and to be souvenirs.

As a souvenir, the knit pillow has become well-known among people outside the village. To respond to the higher demand, the first manufacturer was Dhamma Susongkram. From then on, the pillows have been produced for sales.

Khit Pillow at Ban Sri Than is 20 km away from Muaeng District of Yasothon. Use Yasothon-Pa Tiw-Amnat Charoen (highway no. 202). Between the 18th and 19th kilometre markers, turn right and drive on for 3 km. After cultivating season, almost every villager makes knit pillows. Tourists can visit and buy the pillow for a souvenir.

The pillow even appears in Yasothon province's motto. There is a long history and continual development of the product. Apart from the knit pillow, there are many other products such as folding mattress, pillows to support back and neck, or fruit pillow. Not only the products are being improved, but there is also a marketing plan to create network marking, to make the products certified, to open exhibitions and sell the products as OTOP in many major places. The total sales is increasing every year. Knit pillow is a handicraft of northeastern people which is very unique and useful. It is famous for its beautiful and various patterns in bright colors. The characteristics of knit pillows have been passed from the last generation, Mr Sumrit Chanlueang, who created the varieties of the pillow, to Miss Nongnuch Chanlueang, the daughter, who is leading the village in producing the pillows.

The pillow is suitable for home decorations for its beautiful pattern and small size. There are many patterns and sizes available for customers to choose. It is also one of the symbols of Yasothon province which include The Rocket Festival, sweet watermelons, and jasmine rice.


For more information, contact Yasothon Provincial Office of Tourism and Sports at Yasothon Stadium, Changsanid Road, Mueang District, Yasothon 35000

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