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  Phu Tham Phra
Catagorize: Caves
Contact: Kud Chiang Mee Sub-district, Loeng Nok Tha District   Tel. -

It is located in the east of Kud Hae Village in Kud Chiang Mee Sub-district, which is 12 kilometers from Loeng Nok Tha District along the highway number 212 and is 85 kilometers from Mueang District. It is called “Phu Tham Phra” because there are so many Buddha images inside the cave, all of which are sacred and ancient. Apart from the shady atmosphere of thick forest, there are also some other caves nearby, such as Tham Keng, Tham Ngu Suang, Tham Kliang, and Tham Phrombut.

Phu Tham Phra is a large cave with approximately 3 Wah wide and 8 Wah long. It is located on the overhanging rock in the south of the mountain where there are entrances along the towering crevices and the tunnels around it. If walking northwards from the mouth of the cave, the tourists can pass through very easily. Tham Phra is naturally separated into 2 floors where lines of Buddha images and 2 reclining Katyayana Buddha images are perfectly housed. These Buddha images were built when Ajahn Dee Channo was alive. Phu Tham Phra is situated on a small area on the mountain, covering about 200 Rai. The mixed forest, which is rather abundant, can generally provide shade and cool weather and is a water source of many brooks. There are also stone pillars, similar to those in Phu Pha Thoep, and a lot of brilliantly natural view point.

There is a brick arch formed into “Phu Ngo” near the entrance. The villagers call it Pratu Khong, which is located around 1 kilometer northward of Phu Tham Phra. At present, only its ruins are left. The story about the sacredness of Phu Tham Phra has been told from generation to generation that if the villagers want to hunt for forest products, they have to pay homage inside this cave. After that, they will be blessed with good livings and be saved from all dangers.

The tourist attractions nearby include:

•Tham Phra

•Tham Kliang

•Tham Phrombut

•Tham Keng

•Tham Kia (Bat Cave)

•Lan Ngu Suang


•Ang Rua

•Ajahn Dee Channo Chedi



The route to Phu Tham Phra from the city center of Yasothon Province is along Yasothon- Loeng Nok Tha Road. At the intersection, turn to Kud Chum- Hua Khu Road, which was constructed by the Office of Accelerated Rural Development (ARD), for approximately 15 kilometers.


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