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  Ban Song Yae Catholic Church
Catagorize: Churches
Contact: Ban Songyae, Kham Toei sub-district, Thai Charoen district, Yasothon province 35120 Tel. -

Ban Song Yae Catholic Church is the largest wooden Catholic church in Thailand with 100 years in Thailand. It is located at Ban Songyae, Kham Toei sub-district, Thai Charoen district, Yasothon province. 

Its full name is “Wat Akkhara Thewada Michael” consisting of a large wooden church situaged elegantly. Its building was initially built as only a tiny hut. Later, it was gradually developed because its service life was deteriorated according to its age. The existing wooden church is the 4th church built in 1947. It is a Thai arts church, 16 m wide and 57 m long and the largest wooden one in Thailand. About 80,000 sheets of wood and 360 wooden piles were used. Most of them are Selangen Batu wood with skylight decorated with colorful and beautiful glasses. In 1954, the ceremony was celebrated at the church. 

Its history started in 1908 in Ban Nong Song Yae in a dense forest, where the first five families settled. Some of them have been accused in their former homes of being possessed by ghosts. They were attacked and chased from the village.

All the five families suffered and traveled to meet French priests named the Reverends Dechanel and Ambrosio at Ban Se Song, Chiang Pheng sub-district, Pa Tio district, Yasothon province so that they could help them chase the ghosts from them and their families. After the incident, the five families became Roman Catholic and the village became Christian community. 

In 1909, the two priests built Wat Nong Song Yae and its official name was “Wat Akkhara Thewada Michael” that is the name of key saints. Father Dechanel was the first rector of the church. 

The church is daily open for visitors to view its beauty. From Yasothon, use Highway 2169, turn left after passing Kut Chum district, where famous beef and meatballs are sold for 7-8 kms, and keep going for 600 metres. There will be a sign on the left hand and the door is on the right side. 


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th